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Hot news once more BS diet bites the dust!

And ... 

LiftTheBar will host Nick Tumminello for a U.K. Tour The Ultimate Muscle Building Workshop 

17th March - Bath

18th March - Edinburgh

19th March - London

During this intensive learning opportunity, you’ll take a real-world look at Nick’s entire training process from exercise prescription to programming. The often confusing world of fitness and training will be made clear, simple and practical so that you can take what you learn and begin using it immediately with your clients and athletes.

This isn’t information that you can learn online or at your typical conference or seminar! It’s an intimate experience and opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s best.

This Precon workshop is organized into three parts. The following an overview of what you’ll get in each part.

Join Nick Tumminello, the 2016 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year for this hands-on, 7hr preconference workshop where you’ll discover his most effective, scientifically-founded, battle tested training methods and programming systems for building muscle.

Part 1 - Hypertrophy Training Program Design: The Alternate-Undulate Method

Nick will kick things off by giving you all-access into the Alternate-Undulate Method — his remarkably effective, easy-to-use programming system specifically developed for maximizing muscle growth.

You’ll discover:

How to use the Alternate-Undulate Method for designing effective hypertrophy training programs for everyday clients looking to build muscle or for figure, bikini, physique and bodybuilding competitors.

A simple but effective “plug-and-play” training system that offers a fully customizable programming framework, for better long-term hypertrophy training plans.

The 4 types of Set-Spicers, and how to use them to vary the basic muscle-building exercises in not-so-basic ways to create a new training stimulus and spice up your training.

The 2 Phases of the Alternate-Undulate Method of hypertrophy training.

How the Alternate-Undulate Method combines linear and undulating periodization to ensure every program has enough consistency for continuous progress, but also variety so each program is comprehensive, interesting, and effective.

Practical programming recommendations for how to set up weekly training splits, based not just on the number of training days per week, but on what body-parts are higher priority.

Nick’s “go-to” set/rep schemes to use in the Alternate-Undulate Method.

Part 2 - Full Spectrum Muscle Building

After teaching you how to use his programming framework, Nick will take you onto the gym floor and show you how to make better decisions when choosing which exercises to use (and not to use) in your programs based on his Full Spectrum Muscle Building system of exercise prescription.

We all know that using a variety of exercises helps to make our workouts more versatile and more effective. That’s the whole reason why we don’t just do 15 sets of only one exercise and go home! However, if you want to ensure each workout is fully-comprehensive and as effective as possible, you can’t just haphazardly choose moves and always default to your favorite exercises, which is what most people, even fitness professionals do.

If you want to get the most out of each workout, then you need to understand some important biomechanical and physiological factors that Nick will cover in order to avoid the common mistakes. Then you need to know how to take advantage of these factors by using the simple, practical training techniques that Nick will take you through on the gym floor.

Part 3 - 7 New Intensity Techniques for New Muscle

The fundamental muscle building exercises are considered fundamental because they work. That said, it’s important you learn how to vary the basic moves in order to keep our bodies interested and positively adapting, and prevent our workouts from growing stale and less effective.

In the third and final portion of this PreCon, Nick will once again have you out on the gym floor and show you how to vary the basic muscle-building moves in 7 not-so-basic ways in order to create a new training stimulus for new muscle growth from the staples of your program.

While the everyday “exercise enthusiast” searching for a simple guide to putting together effective workouts will like the step-by-step format of this intensive workshop, the seasoned fitness professional will also appreciate the principle-based programming methods. Both users will be provided with the clear training direction and practical programming instructions needed to be successful, and will come away with year’s worth of exciting new ideas and organizational strategies for muscle building.

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