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News of the Week!!

Do you even AARR?

Alan Aragon's Research Review (AARR) is the original, and still the gold standard monthly journal for staying on top of the latest research in nutrition, supplementation, and training.
I've been a fan of Evan Godbee for a number of years now, not just for his accomplishments in physique competitions, but for his posts on social media in discussions/debates over bodybuilding-related topics. I'm happy to announce that the latest issue of AARR contains what I feel is the most in-depth interview with a natty pro (bro) ever done. We cover everything from the technical to the philosophical, both on & off the contest stage. I pretty much threw everything at Evan, and he was like a buzz saw. I feel that the conversation itself is worth the price of the issue.

As much as the Evan interview is a classic, it's a diamond among other precious jewels in the issue. This was among the issues that provided the most learning (ah-hah) moments for me personally. Ironically, the content of this issue is more qualitative than the normal AARR issues. Anthony Howard-Crow gets interrogated about his "Abs & Ice Cream" project, which is 100 days of only eating protein powder & ice cream (he's just past the 1-month mark), and he comes through with plenty of eye-opening insights & experiences.

Dr. Brad Dieter discusses the art & science of assessing and disseminating evidence. This is one of my favorite articles of all-time, regardless of publication. This piece goes in like a (grass-fed) buttered dagger.

Last but not least, Dr. Bret Contreras answers my questions about the influence of foot & ankle position on calf & hamstring hypertrophy. Of course he fricking kills it, what else would you expect from one of the world's foremost exercise biomechanics experts?

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21st February 2017 at 17.00

BrosDoScience present : Phil Graham Bsc, CISSN on "  How to Look, Feel and Perform better as a Diabetic"

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