Bros Do Science - Weekly Must Read - 05/03/2017

Sunday, 05-03-2017 | Bring your coffee we'll get the rest

Hot news!

Check our new video with Phil Graham on "how to look,feel and perform better as a Diabetic".

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AARR is out AARR is UP!!!! Highly stacked issue. When I say stacked, I mean stacked and TAN... Awesome guest spots by Sten van Aken (ad libitum dieting),Joshua Hockett (nattee bodee-building case studee, baby pleese), Nick Tumminello (should direct core work be done in a program that includes the compounds?), and Anthony Howard-Crow (abs & ice cream update, day 59). I also discuss a keto & performance study, a "train low" study, and intraworkout carbs & resistance training (thanks for the topic idea, Brad Morgan). This issue puts a huge smile on my face (proud dad). :)

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This weeks podcasts!!

Powerlifting Weight Classes, Cutting Weight & Long-Term Thinking – Sigma Team Discussion

by Danny Lenon Read Article/Go to Podcast

Menno Henselmans from Bayesian Bodybuilding to talk about metabolic damage

by Juma Iraki Read Article/Go to Podcast

Articles of the week!!

Training Based On Muscle Fiber Type: Are You Missing Out?

by Greg Nuckols Read Article

Overhead for Older Dudes & Dudettes

by Dean Somerset Read Article

Toxic Masculinity: The Ego Makes the Poison

by James Fell Read Article

Protein Powder: Guide To Know Everything About Protein Supplements and Shakes

by Christian Bond Read Article

The “My Shoulder Hurts” Checklist

by Tony Gentilcore Read Article

The Biggest Lie in Fitness
And the Truth About Building Muscle and Losing Fat

by T Nation Read Article

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