Bros Do Science - Weekly Must Read - 19/03/2017

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News of the week!

Brett Bartholomews book is out! Check more on:

FREE Nutrition Coaching Course -- From Dr. John Berardi and Precision Nutrition.

For your ears only!!

Episode 97 of the Guru Performance ‘We Do Science’ Podcast! In this episode I (Laurent Bannock) discuss ‘LCHF and Performance’ with Professor Louise Burke PhD, Australian Institute of Sport, Australia.

by Guru Performance Read Article/Go to Podcast

Podcast Episode #9: Kamal Patel, Director of

by Dean Somerset Read Article/Go to Podcast

Articles you might missed out!!

Weightology Weekly Classics: Muscle Gain Edition

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Does the Ketogenic Diet Work for Strength Training?

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The Other Side of Coaching

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How to Spot a Client and Keep Yourself Safe

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Big Newsletter - Exercise and Nutrition (Summary of 34 Articles)

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Exercises You Should Be Doing: HBT Front Squat March

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Rocco Venizelos - Bros Do Science
Rocco Venizelos

My name is Rocco Venizelos and I am currently working in the field of Health and Fitness as a coach, health and fitness advisor and personal trainer. I am also studying at The Anglo-European College of Chiropractic.

My experience the past 15 years in the fitness industry both as an athlete and as Personal Trainer helped me recognize the need to understand in depth the science underpinning all aspects of human performance, to strive for evidence based and theoretical well grounded practices, to validate the importance of keeping yourself up to date of the latest developments and findings in the field. But the most important is to be able to make the science accessible and transferable to coaches, athletes and practitioners.

One of my major concerns is translating knowledge into working practice. This is what I aim to do through with this website.. with the precious help of my Bros!